Win the Lottery Hypnosis

Win the Lottery HypnosisDo you think it’s possible for you to win a multi-million dollar Lottery? It can happen to anyone. Why not you? If your thoughts create things and you already play the lottery, why not give yourself that winning edge? This session will allow you to feel comfortable with the idea that you can have all the wealth and riches you could ever want. Create a state of mind where anything and everything is possible. Where you can create whatever you want to create. Take a journey where you have already won the lottery. Experience yourself holding the lottery winnings and being on in a situation where you have suddenly come into millions of dollars through winning the lottery. Experience what it will be like when it’s you, holding that big check and seeing the glimmer in your eyes and the smile on your face. Will you win the lottery? Who knows? But, if you think you’ve got a shot at it, then this will certainly create the right mind set for it to happen. Explore the fantasy of bringing that lottery winning moment closer to reality through this exciting session that is filled with affirmations that are intended to help you become a winner in reality. Its really very simple to follow and will help you wrap your mind around the possibility that you could become that winner now … where you can experience a miracle in your life and become a winner of the lottery with millions of dollars available to you from now on and for the rest of your life

Price: $29.00

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